Delivery Information

While we do offer delivery within a wide delivery area, we do not ship. The following list is a partial list of the cities to which we deliver, including the cost.  We will not move or relocate existing furniture and ask that you have a specific spot cleared for the new furniture. In order to schedule delivery, the furniture and delivery fee must be paid in full.

The delivery cost includes downstairs delivery and set up only. We do not provide upstairs delivery due to workman's comp issues. If you need upstairs delivery or delivery outside of our delivery area, we do have a company who has provided these services for other customers in the past. For further information on delivery policy or cost, please call the store at 940/440-0455 or 972/292-1344.


 0-10 Miles $29
10-20 Miles $49
20-30 Miles $69
30-40 Miles $89
40-50 Miles $109
50-60 Miles $125
60-70 Miles $139
70-80 Miles $159
80-90 Miles $179
90-100 Miles $199