Delivery & Pick Up Information

We do offer pickup at our store location. There is no charge for loading and securing the purchased merchandise. If you only wish for us to load the merchandise and you wish to secure it, this is acceptable as long as you recognize if the furniture is damaged in the process - You are responsible for damages (Overtightening, rope or strap burns, etc.) Also, IF YOU PICK UP AND DISCOVER LATER THAT THE ITEM IS BROKEN OR DEFECTIVE OR INCORRECTLY LOADED, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO RETURN THE ITEM TO THE STORE FOR EXCHANGE OR REFUND. FAILURE TO NOTIFY THE STORE OF DAMAGES OR ERRORS WITHIN 24 HOURS WILL FORFEIT OUR LIABILTY FOR ANY DAMAGES.


If a 3rd party is contracted to pick up the furniture, it is viewed as a customer pickup and the policies stated above apply. In the case of a broken, defective, or incorrectly loaded item or in the case of a manufacturer warranty claim - it is the responsibility of the customer or 3rd party to return the furniture and arrange for another pickup whether for exchange or repair. (3rd Party Form)


Please note also that we only hold reserved furniture for 2 months. At the 2 month point, the abandoned reservation must be picked up or the customer must set up delivery of their furniture. Otherwise, that stock does become available and that reservation hold is removed. 

While we do offer delivery within a wide delivery area, we do not ship. In order to schedule delivery, the furniture and delivery fee must be paid in full. As per the State of Texas Comptroller, all deliveries are taxable if the merchandise is taxable.

If you would like to have your furniture delivered, please click on the following link: ( Delivery Checklist ) and submit the form to

Our Delivery is as Follows:

1) Includes Complimentary Setup at Time of Delivery (Area Must Be Clear Prior To  Arrival)

2) We Will NOT Move Existing Furniture - No Exceptions

3) We Do NOT Deliver Upstairs - No Exceptions

4) We Do NOT Haul Off Furniture - No Exceptions

5) If you are not at the delivery location when your delivery arrives, you FORFEIT your delivery cost. This results in ANOTHER delivery fee for us to return. 

For further information on delivery policy or cost, please call the store at 940/440-0455 or 972/292-1344.


 0-10 Miles $75
10-20 Miles $99
20-30 Miles $125
30-40 Miles $149
40-50 Miles $175
50-60 Miles $199
60-70 Miles $225
70-80 Miles $249
80-90 Miles $299
90-100 Miles $349