About Us

   In 2002, we had just finished facing the biggest financial setback of our lives. We were in the commercial plumbing and air conditioning business and had just been beat out of close to $750,000 by several contractors...plus with 9/11, things were extremely tight.  I tell people that I had hoped to be a millionaire by the time I was 40 and I was almost a negative millionaire.

   In the midst of our desperate situation, the only option looked like bankruptcy.  God had mercy on us and offered to buy our home place even though it was not for sale.  Though the offer was good and we accepted it, we still faced bankruptcy.  If we invested that money in a new home, it would have been protected under bankruptcy.  So we set about building a new home but while we were building, we felt the Lord lead us to start a furniture store with part of the money.  It was risky and scary, especially when we ran out of money to finish the house a couple months later...but God worked that out too.

In October of 2002, we opened Rustic Furniture Depot.  From the beginning rustic customer's from all over have come and helped the store to become what it is today!  In the beginning, the "warehouse area" of the store had no heating and air.  It would get cold in the winter and hot in the summer the first couple of years. As time went on we continued to add air conditioning units.  The first couple of years were extremely hard...we had trouble meeting payroll and our bills.  We used to mark prices up and negotiate every order but in December of 2004, we changed the philosophy we had been taught and started selling at warehouse pricing.  We were able to do this because we had started buying directly from the factory.  We had competitors setting up tents and selling out of the back of box trucks, but when we began advertising our warehouse prices that was the end of that.

Today, as we mark over 20 years we have become one of the leaders in rustic furniture. When we started we only offered one color but today we offer a wide variety of colors and stains. We offer a wide selection of furniture divided into six collections: Ranch Style, Farmhouse, Suburban Farmhouse, Weathered Farmhouse, Santa Fe and our newest collection, Coastal.  

Our furniture continues to be solid wood - no laminate or artificial woods or particle board.  We also continue to offer our no haggle pricing which is the lowest in the industry.  Our sofas are designed for those who want to use their sofa - not just look at it and see how pretty it is (although we do think they are pretty). We offer a wide assortment of furniture for every room of your home: Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Office and Outdoor.  We have the accessories you need as well.  We strive to give you furniture that will last for years and years and yet won't leave you poor.  We want to thank the over 150,000 customers - many of them repeat customers for years and years!  Y'all are the source of Rustic Furniture Depot's success! Again, Thank You!